26 September 2010

"Nothing Hard Is Ever Easy."*

While we were in the office, there was another couple there.
They had a baby with them, so I thought they were there to do the same thing we were. They were clearly also from another culture so I chalked their solemn demeanor to that.
When she stepped out to the toilet, her husband come over and explained. They had received their child a few days prior.
In less than a day it became clear that she had significant developmental delays, possibly long term medical needs. They had not pursued or prepared for a special needs adoption. They felt that it was completely necessary to return the baby girl. They had waited three years to come and get their baby. Their hearts were broken.
While we were still there, a representative of the orphanage arrived to take the little girl. The mom and dad both kissed and held the little girl before they said goodbye. They had waited three years to come and get their baby.
I will never remember this day without remembering them.

*Quote from our friend, Tim.


  1. Maggie, I forgot that you left.
    Tell me again which province..
    Isn't it neat the connections you make with people on the flights? We met such nice people too

  2. When we were in China our guide told of cases just like this. However she also told us that when this happens the CCAA tries to match the families with other children while they are still in the country. It still is very sad and we can only hope that all children find homes.

  3. Oh my! How sad!!! Praying for you and yours . . .

  4. Oh, dear God. This hurts me so. For those parents . . . for the children. So many . . .


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