06 July 2010

Who do I think I am?

     Ya know, things are just out of control here.  Mostly just inside me, but the two not-so-little people outside my mind get in my head from time to time and that is why I have not yet told my husband that he has track for the rest of the summer.  Hats off to parents of different age, different gender children.
   Just to update you on the past several posts: 
  1) I now carry kleenex in my purse.  My mommy card is off suspension. 
  2) I have all I can do to avoid "Is-that-vomit?" mom at track.  I am scared to death that I am going to laugh at her face.
  3)  Our marathon is being more comfortably run since the only person following the blog who also lives here handed me a Kohl's card the same afternoon I posted.
     The shenanigans continue...I wonder if I have offended someone.  She is not saying, but she is sending the message.  The only thing I can think is possibly it is that I linked on FB to a post on someone's blog that contained the eff word.  If it isn't that I don't know what it is.  If it is that, I am really sorry to have offended anyone.  I thought and thought about this, and came to the conclusion that words have the meaning and power we attach to them.  The meaning that is ultimately attached to that word for me is hopelessness.  The power is not much...especially when it is not used in anger.  I will be more careful, and I am sorry to have placed anyone in offense's way.
     We mailed off the I-800...which is not the I-800a or the I-797 or the I-864.  Which is not the I-864w, the I-864a or the I-864p or the DS-230.  Somewhere in there is a visa application FOR HIM TO COME HERE!!!  I recently read on the blog of a family who is just a little ahead of us, that things are moving fast.  Scary given our dollar situation, but not when she has more to raise than we do, in a shorter time, and she is not panicked.  This is her fourth adoption from China.
     The out-of-control part...  I have all of regular life to do...homeschool registration for this year was today.  I need to pay bills and organize a house and set up a room for a new person.  I stick to the kitchen floor when I walk in.  In 8 weeks (or less), I could be leaving town for two.  Now everywhere I look I see stuff that I have let go, and now I need the space or the peace or whatever and it seems that I must add I don't want a new boy to be disappointed because his forever mom is a 'piler' rather than a 'filer'.  I cannot believe all that needs doing that purely truly and scientifically belongs to my job description.  Just who do I think I am taking all this on?? I am crazy, Beloved.

1) Go out to lunch with a friend.  As I am doing tomorrow.  It helps if this is a friend who laughs at all your jokes.  As mine does.  This will fortify you for the journey.
2) Make a list... not a cute one.  Get a big piece of lined paper and don't number, just write.  Then mark it off.  If you do something great that you had not previously written down.  WRITE IT DOWN AND CROSS IT OFF.  Don't write your dailies...you don't get credit for basic hygiene and survival.  You are, after all, trying to get something done.  If you say, "I put on pants and brushed my teeth.  It was a big day."  You had better be saying it to a doc.
3) Take your vitamins.   I am a big believer in this.  For everyone.  Get good ones that can be absorbed.  It will restore you and help you stay alert...
4) Like your coffee.  You already have a self improvement kick going, remember?  This is no time to prescribe a brain melt for yourself.  Drink up.
5) Stay hydrated.  This is seasonal and I am still anemic, but it's really hot outside.  Plan to have enough water on you.  I have purchased all the little plastic bottles I mean to for this year and I am washing them and refilling them with the exceptionally high quality tap water available in my city*.
5) Go easy on yourself.  Enjoy every minute you can steal for yourself.  If it is going in the grocery store alone, be sure to look at all the magazines, or smell all the shampoos.
6) Don't expect yourself to be the old you that was so organized when you were in college or just out of college or before you had kids or...  Whatever.  Because if you keep looking for her, you have trashed all the learning you have just done, and you don't leave space for the new and improved you that is more fun to be around and smells good and whose jokes everyone laughs at (and is a good dresser.  I hope).
7) At the end of the day, give yourself credit for what you did.  And clock out.  See number 5 above.  Turn the a/c down and kick back with a cool pBd.

*see Dave, I am listening


  1. I really, really appreciate this post! Especially no. 6. I find myself looking for that woman often. Thanks for the reminder that it's ok I'm not her anymore. I'd love repost this list on FB or my blog (giving you credit of course.) I know many women that would benefit. If you don't want me to, I understand.

    Have a great night and remember...BREATHE.

  2. I think it's sad that you have to raise money to get your baby here to the United States. Wouldn't it make more sense if you could just use your health insurance card to bring the baby home? Sort of like giving birth...but someone else did it so you have to deliver via TWA or Southwest or something?

  3. Hey... thanks for stopping by my blog. And I love a chatterbox! Nothing wrong with that :)

  4. No problem with the f-word here! I hope that you are heeding #5. I know I am...especially since it's 200 degrees here today.


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