07 July 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Disadvantaged Youth

The truth is; my children, who have always been homeschooled, feel that not enough attention is focused on them.  When ordinary people go through an awkward stage in middle and late childhood, people were still stopping us to tell me how beautiful they were.  They are, apparently, pretty fast runners.  And if all this wasn't enough,  they are...ahem....EXTROVERTS.  They are 13.  If someone is not paying attention to them, they are completely unaware of it.  In Adolescent Psych, we called this the "imaginary audience".  So how then, am I moved to present evidence that they are not, in fact, "doing nothing all summer long".

Art Camp was so worth it.  Their instructor is a high school art teacher and an incredible artist.  They made these "Face Mugs"(learning more about the history of Face Jugs) and learned about and made tessellations.  My favorite thing from camp is this...

Not an excellent picture, but Diva M. made a little coffee mug and tied a string on to make a necklace.

     I am also learning to be a sports mom.  I never got to do any...no exaggeration, any extra-currricular activities as a kid.  I think that is why I feel so awkward around sports people.  This is why parenting stretches you.  This further neglect and inattention is just exactly what the divas need, apparently.

At whom is this child aiming those thumbs up.  Yes. You guessed it.  Me.  The Mom....Tyrant.

Sibs, y'all.  Exhibiting pro-social behavior towards one another.  It is a shame how children are these days.

And you know it is all structure and chores and no fun at all...   Right.

Note the smoke in the air...the girls were off somewhere giggling most of the night because all the 13 year-olds were not "big noise" people.  Mr. S. took a lot of pictures on my friend's camera that is pretty high powered and he was giving it a whirl.  It is magnificent, but I got only these.

Of course, we tubed and kayaked on the river, where absolutely no one remembered to bring a camera.  We had the requisite burgers and dogs for dinner with home made ice cream for dessert.  No one wanted to see that...  Overall, the Nation's Birthday was a total blast and a fun time was had by all...  Even the disadvantaged youth.

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  1. At first it looked like she was jumping the hurdle and giving you a thumbs up at the same time, I was all..>WOW<

  2. Looks like you've been busy havin lots of fun. Happy WW! Come drop by my linky party at http://weloveiowa.blogspot.com/2010/07/wordless-wednesday-summer-days.html

  3. So glad your disadvantaged youth were given a treat......sometimes you've got to throw them a bone. :)


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