09 March 2010


Happy Tuesday. I decided to go Jen* style who is going Un-Mom style, today. Which is great because, although I am not named Jennifer, I am feeling pretty un-mom today. My six followers will tell you, I am random all the time. I feel that it is "a major award" to celebrate Random Thoughts Tuesday because random thought is really my wheelhouse as far as brain activity is concerned.

The word fortuitous in the title of the post is a synonym for random, and it has a "tu" like tuesday, so I used it. I've owned the Thesaurus for something like 25 years and this is the first time I really was satisfied with what I got out of it.

As I am writing this, I am noticing my "keyboarding drag", again. Last year, I went in to give blood and the needle went through the vein. Within about 3 minutes, they were asking me to please calm down because I was almost screaming, because when the blood is drained out of your muscle....IT HURTS. I still got my coffee mug. Which is a darn good thing because good looking travel mugs take all the attention away from your arm hurting so bad that you might hurt less if you cut it off. I had a grotesque amount of fun (like a little boy) showing the bruising to people who had not seen it(It was super nasty-- from the wrist to past the elbow). The blood center let me know that they would take care of any medical care I might need because they wanted to keep me coming back(Okay, does that sound at all confusing to you). At any rate, now my left hand lags when I am keyboarding. I transpose letters when I am typing quickly. Not according to the most used letters, but when the left hand letter comes first. It is always the same error. The blood center called me last night to remind me that if I want my family to continue to have free blood(in case we need it) I have to come in for my annual donation. Hmm.

I worry about my punctuation. I write a lot now and I am supposed to be getting my girls ready for standardized tests. I notice everyday that something needs the benefit of punctuation for meaning. I also notice I am the queen of the run-on sentence. I used to be an grammar rule Nazi. I didn't have a lot of friends, but I knew the rules.

Superboy got hit by a scooter the other day. Someone was driving up the wrong side of the road. Don't panic. Yeah that's what his foster mom said. It took me a few hours to remember that it IS China, and if you have ever crossed a street in China, then it is no longer surprising. Not a scratch on him. NOT A SCRATCH ON HIM. I am so relieved that he was not injured, but still really agitated. I didn't panic though. I am just on a very upper level slow burn. There isn't a thing I can do. And pray continually for God to continue to protect him like He was doing before I knew him. Not. Loving. The. Wait.

I just found out I need to wait longer on the I-800A than I thought. I had heard to call our congressman's office and have them help to follow up. I called. I, in no way, want the person I talked to representing me, anywhere. Not even the Whataburger drive thru. I miss Whataburger to death.

I have decided that dude needs a swingset to play on in the back yard. I always wanted to get one for the girls, but it never happened. Now they are in the throes of "fairness" and the calibration of the ice cream scoop. I hear a lot of the, "You never gave us.... when we were little, but you are doing it for him." Sometimes. I think I am going to run it by them this afternoon, and if I get static, I will drop it. They might be all on board. It is like living in the schizophrenic ward having kids going through puberty AT THE SAME TIME. I have heard that they have done tests on kids in this stage and that sometimes their brains, because they are growing and learning and developing and processing so much, so fast(yeah, right); just shut off sometimes, mid-thought(this, I believe).

I like that McDonald's fish sandwich commercial. BUT MY FAMILY LOVES IT. The best commercial in the world is during Amazing Race, when the Travelocity gnome has cabin fever. "Dee Dee Dee Dee. I've got to get out of here." I have a hypermaniacal filter on my internet(that we can't remove), so I can't access it on Facebook. But it is delightful.

Time to turn the tap closed on the randomness today. Feel free to draw some of your own and link up.


*Hey! I needed to link you to Jen, but I can't find my random backside with both hands. http://mommamadeitlookeasy.blogspot.com/2010/03/big-boy-beds-and-pageant-dresses-random.html She is really funny and you will love her "keepin' it real" love for her family.

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  1. Every now and then I hear my wife singing the Fillet O'Fish song. She sang it when it first came out and is singing it again now that it's out again.

    Not sure how Keyboarding Drag ties in with giving blood, but I'll follow along with your random twist in direction.

    Thanks for your randomness,


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