08 March 2010


Monday.  Or if you live in the country, Mundy.

I love morning but until recently, I didn't get why people disliked Monday.  It was a fresh start.  Over the last several months, I have begun to understand the "I hate Monday" person.  I have been getting up and doing the hand motions to the same old song that I have heard too many times to enjoy any more and the irritation never stops.  I feel like a hamster on a wheel.

But, since I committed to stop faking it...  I can get up this morning and admit I don't have the want to.  I don't feel the draw of a noble cause. I would just like to see my kids get up and do what they know is expected of them with out any of the non-verbals that are all intended to push my BIG-GIANT-LOSE-YOUR-TEMPER-AND-GROUND-ME-BEFORE-BREAKFAST-ON-MONDAY-MORNING button.  You are aquainted, perhaps, with eye-rolling, sighing, stomping, shoulders dropping, the "tone of voice", and various combinations of these.  All intended to evoke.  Something.

Yes, I got up this morning without a lot of excitement to tilt at this windmill again.

I spent an hour , trying to paint a vivid picture of the desperate situation that I see.  I must fancy myself a realist(I hope my husband doesn't read this because he will laugh until he pees his pants).  In the middle of all my paints and brushes and palettes and smocks, I got up to feed the dogs.  It occurred (get it-- dogs, ocurred?) to me that it is so simple to do that chore.  While I was waiting for the water dish to fill,(as the dishwasher hummed in my ear) I realized all my jobs are easy.  Ma Ingalls had some work to do.  I really have no excuse.  I don't have to beat my clothes on a rock to clean them.  I don't have to carry water from a creek to cook and wash dishes.

Someone has said that, "Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire."  I say it is both.  But I don't live in a time when I have to chop my own wood or carry bucket after bucket from the creek.  I have water at the tap and one of those long lighters that helps you light the charcoal without burning the hair off your knuckles(if you are a man) and light your jar candles(if you are a lady).

Why do I have to relearn this every week?  I have everything I need to do my job.  Easier than ever before.  It is okay to be out of the mood, but I need to realize that I am ungrateful, unthankful, and a whiner.  Even if you never hear it.  God does.  My poor children do.  Do I even need to include my husband (Bless his heart for the sweet escape of a 70 hour work week)? I have it all at my fingertips.  I need to be a good steward of all my blessings.

Mmmm.  Monday Morning Mood Modification.

No faking.  I still need the power of God to do the smallest thing...even with all the best tools ever made.


  1. You are right. But I still don't care for Monday. Or morning. :)

    Please link your email account to your profile. Right now when you comment I get noreply@blogger.com or whatever and I can't respond. I usually respond to commenters through email. I'm sure other blogs you comment on would agree. Just a tip.


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