10 March 2010


If ignorance is bliss, this must be nirvana.

I am so devastated to realize what my expectations have done to cause hurt to others.

My kids have been driving my NUTS with their entitled thinking.


This is totally adoption related.  Our first adoption was really easy and I was told not to expect that again, but apparently I never guessed to what extent that meant.  I am stupid and I am sitting here waiting,  instead of packing to leave for China, because I DIDN'T GET IT!!!!

Additionally, I just searched to find some kind of little happy pic to include with this post.  The unbelievably stupid filter that blocks some homeschooling and educational sites let through some pornographic images. Yet, I cannot look at any Facebook, Twitter or You Tube at all.  Just let me be trying to find something nice to break up the mind numbing boredom of my plain text blog posts and suddenly, my privacy is no longer my own.  That, I am sorry to say, STINKS.

Her High and Mighty Ignorificance

Is this what not faking it is like?  Because to tell you the truth, I want to hide behind something and act all chipper like this is all fun and I am not broken to the ground about this day.

I am not content to stay here.  Even if I take the journey alone.  I am no longer what I was and not yet what I will be.  As dorky(I mean, mind crushingly trite) as that sounds, the quicker I get there, the quicker this blog will be full of joy instead of...

....Riding the tricycle into the garage door again and again,
Maggie S.

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