25 February 2010


...thank me at all.

     THEY ARE WORTH IT.  I don't care what your kids have served up today.

     There has been some strident criticism served up to the private adoption practioners in the United States lately.  A famous money guy, who shall remain nameless, says that it is too expensive because of this and that and blah blah...

The Emperor has no clothes.

Emperor. You. Have. No. Clothes.

      You have money shooting out of every hole in your head.  You live in an upscale neighborhood in THE suburb of a major city.  You go to THE church to go to in your area.  You know what it is worth and how to get it.  How to count it.  AND how to keep it.
      I am broke.  So, it is just possible that I am bitter.  But.
      It is a person. A personality.  Maybe a Beethoven or a Churchill. There are children who have no parent(s) or even a dynamite aunt(s) or grandmother.  They may be in town, out of state or in another country. I read yesterday, that there are more orphans now than at any other time in the history of the world.  War, famine, and AIDS.  Selfishness.  Cultural pressures we have no way of understanding with our western sensiblities.  Every continent(well, except Antarctica). A lotta children.
      Would you take $30K in exchange for your kid? (I am not talking about that thing, where they make you so mad; you would swap them for an order of onion rings.) No?  I thought not.
     Well, what if your 5 year old son was in another country. Even in the care of a brilliant person who loved him/her alot. Would you spend $30K to get him back?  No? Yeah, you would.
      The cost of a thing is its cost.  Your auto cost what it cost.  If you didn't want to pay that much, you wouldn't have that car. And it is a good reliable machine.  Totally worth what you paid. Your education was expensive.  You could have taken vo-tech classes in high school and gone straight to work.  No one forced you to further your education with post-secondary degrees.  You chose it.  And you are better for it.
     The other day I had a hamburger.  I spent $2.49 on it at the fast food place.  We have seriously cut our eating out since last summer and I hadn't had a burger in awhile.  Whew.  Did I get my $2.49 worth? YOU BETCHA I DID!  It had cheese and jalapenos and grease and some sort of dressing and it was delicious.  I totally got my $2.49 worth.  Would I give a 10,000 little hamburgers to bring my son home?  Yeah.  There is a  much better hamburger available down the street.  Would I give 2500 good hamburgers to bring him home?  Yeah.
      The cost of adoption is a bargain because my son is half a world away from me.  I miss him every day and he is sad and frustrated because he knows he has a mom but can't see her yet.  The cost of adoption is not for the purchase of a child.  It is to do our human best to secure the legal status of that child as indisputable so that as much as we can insure that something won't happen to further disrupt his or her life and belonging in their family.
     At the end of life, I don't want everyone to wonder what "Rosebud" meant while they burn the junk I have accumulated.
      Jesus said, "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come for you."  Adoption was more expensive back then.

The Emperor can thank me later.

Thank you for tuning in.

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  1. AMEN!!!!Not sure which rich man you are talking about...probably most of them :^)
    I agree w/ you I get so irritated when I see pious people at church w/ their expensive vehicles (my son's inform me what vehicles cost) I know it is their business what they do w/ their money, but how many people can you feed for the price of a Cadillac Escalade?

  2. Maggie
    You have a real talent for expressing your deep emotions into words. Your deep feelings for this intense subject are coveyed to well. Thanks for sharing your point of view. I have never had any personal experience with adoption... I'm sure it is a journey that is long and hard and frustrating but certainly worth it in the end!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the compliments.


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