27 February 2010


The letter is gone.  The USCIS application is gone.  Now we wait.

While I am waiting. I am going to let off steam.  And I am glad for the opportunity to do it.

I am going to flush out the friends I haven't seen since we moved and bring them on board. Somehow.

I'm gonna join more silly parties if I find them.  I'm gonna link up with more silliness(why does that sound sort of crass?).  I might even check out  Writer's Workshop while I try not to go crazy notice the wait for "Adoption Stuff" to move forward.

Seriously,  the gals went around for months, um... let's just say, "not on board" with this.  Now they are right there with us.  A corner has been turned and they go around and whine with me, "Why can't we just go get him now?"  Yeah, baby.  Answer that one and we will take the adoption world by storm.

We Skype'd again last night.  We played a game they invented( a little like Chutes and Ladders without the annoying chutes and ladders).  It was a knife twisting exercise.  He tells us a little more about his family each time.  It was good for him to get to be the one taking the call because the foster sister is visiting with her family every day and he is feeling super left out.  OK, y'all.  We can tell him, when we know for sure we have ALL the money.

SO the other thing I am going to while I wait is SCRIMP LIKE A CHIMP.  I can do this(what I have to learn is how to live while saving).  As far as finding the money itself, I do have a plan of action or at least some ideas...
1. dig.  the sofa, the cars, the gasket inside the high efficiency(stupid)washing machine -- all seem to hoard change.  Thank God.
2. save. don't spend.  I used to do this, but without going into a whole long dramatic story that even I don't want to hear,  I lost my touch.  The only way to figure out how to do it now is to decide what it is I am thinking of doing with that dollar or $2.49, and move that money over to the savings account.
3.ask.  no not like that.  I mean, I think there are ways this enormous time waster hobby, can be enjoyed for fun and PROFIT.  I have no idea how it works, but I need to ask.
4. work.  yeah.  I hate to say it, but there is(are) only one (or two) ways to make money and that is working(or holding up a sign).  My friend's office needs someone.
5. make a sign.  Like the guy by the off ramp.

Seriously.  I have to find out about boy stuff.  Now if Superboy was big, I would know.  Dirt bikes, helmets, boots.  I have no idea how to outfit the house with little dude stuff.  My friends who have boys seem all to live in the country(is this a clue?), and can spray them down with the garden hose before letting them in the house.  What do little dudes need?  Trucks?  Robots?  Say not Dinosaurs.  I really can't stand Dinosaurs(is this the bad news?). What I can really get behind is Cowboy.  I think he is past the Choo Choo stage although that would make the FIL REALLY HAPPY(and who doesn't appreciate that?).   I don't even remember what I confiscated from boys in my classroom when I taught first grade.

I thought I was going to have a little break.  Turns out.  No.


  1. Little boys come in so many different flavors, it is hard to tell. I have a computer guy, a fishing guy and lego guy and....not sure what the next one will be. Boys are not as noisy as girls at least at our house, messy maybe, but the social aspect is so much easier, you disagree w/ someone- you ignore them or pound them and off you go, best friends again. Girls hold grudges and play on the emotions

  2. Boys are great!! 2 of each can confirm this.... much easier tooo.

    Hey will be posting soon a list of Fundaiser ideas i have compiled which may help you... also getting help with www.crown.org or Dave Ramsey can set you straight.... we need to revisit them ourselves

  3. OK, boys I can help you with!! All 3 of our boys LOVE sports. Soccer and football are the favs but they also love bikes and scooters and ripsticks and skateboards - in other words, anything that they can do outside! With that being said, they do love video and computer games and we have to be careful to limit that. Our youngest boy loves leggos and drawing too, but his older 2 brothers never really got into either of those things. I have to say, though that the one thing they all loved at one point in time was.... Dinosaurs!!! Sorry!!! There is just something fascinating about those big ugly dudes that boys just seem to love. LOL!! You will find out from him what he likes. It may take some trial and error but you will figure it out:)


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