23 February 2010


Due to a tax time miracle, there will be advancements on the adoption front.

Isaiah's foster sister has been Skyping with her forever family and he is frustrated because he can't see his family.  Sandy is frustrated because we can't tell him and we are frustrated because we have been skyping from time to time and can't tell him.  It is like a Christmas present you are really excited about.  It's in the closet and the person you are giving it to REALLY needs it, but you can't give it to them yet.

In the pipeline...

I800A...USCIS Approval
Document Authentication at US Secretary of State and Chinese Embassy
MAA Dossier Doc prep and shipping = DTC(dossier to China)...wait
Dossier Logged in in China =LID(Log In Date)...wait
Letter of Acceptance = LOA
A lot of silly dancing around and celebration
File follow up paperwork with USCIS then China again...wait
Travel Approval = TA
More silly screaming and dancing and celebrating
more paperwork(I swear)
Get son
Visit Civil Affairs = paperwork
Go to Guangzhou
Medical Exam
Swear never to abandon always to love = CA(Consulate Appointment)
Come home
 Recover from jet lag...

Decide what to do about Isaiah wanting a brother.

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