21 January 2010


I haven't posted in awhile, because I have kind of had a block...  I have been looking at others' blogs so much that Mr is looking for a 12 step program blog addicts--  blog.  I got kind of intimidated that others are having so much fun and their blogs are SO co-ordinated.  I thought mine was cute after I added wallpaper.  Uh. No.

This morning I woke up with so many ideas.  In fact, liking them.  The main reason for starting all this, though, is to follow this adoption, and when I last updated my timeline, I was feeling mighty frustrated.

nov 19 2009...post a whiney timeline
dec 15 2009...home study is complete and approved
dec 06 2009...send off for birth certificates and marriage licenses
dec 10 2009...send off for another NY bc b/c I ordered the wrong one the first time.
dec 24 2009...rec'd approval for fundraising assistance
jan  07 2010...send documents to state secretaries of state to be certified/authenticated
jan 12 2010...original deadline to have dossier in China comes and goes
jan  14 2010...documents are received back from states
                   ...Skype with Superboy and Aunty (my heart squeezes like a juicy grapefruit.)
jan 21 2010...Up next... Why doesn't the to do list ever seem to shrink?

I was really wild with worry, about that assigned deadline to have our dossier in China.  Somewhere in there, the lovely girls at our agency applied for the extension.  This is routine, but I really wanted to meet it.  It caused me a lot of anxiety.   I seem to have let it go.  There was a day that I had a talk on the phone with Kerry and it just took away the "fratch".  I don't know why this time and not the other 20 times, but hey.  I'll take it.

I am pretty proud of having gotten the authentications done myself.  This had all been killing me with organizing and the agency can do this chore for me.  For a price.  An $800 price.  I did it for $115.  I am looking forward to getting the country authentications done myself as well, and saving the money.  Saving money was a thrill before, but never like this.  I feel sort of dorky about how empowered I feel about this.  Let's hear it for dorky.


  1. Yes for dorky...I'm in to saving money any way possible these days...same reason as you...paperwork for a 10 y.o. Working hard at making money too, some days I feel like I'm running in circles. We are waiting for US*IS approval need fingerprint appt.


  2. Hi there ty so much for the comments on my blog. I have watched Kingdom Come and I loved it..

  3. Thanks for you sweet comment about my site on The Apron Goddesses blog. It sound like you have your hands full. I like you am allfor saving money, because lets face it your goal in this is not to spend money it is for a much greater out come. I said a prayer for you.

    Cha Cha

  4. Wow. I imagined that adoption would be complex and very involved, but I had no idea it was quite like this. That's a lot to have accomplished in just one month's time. The child you're adopting is blessed to have people as willing and loving as you guys to pull through like this.



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