07 January 2010


     George Washington declined to be referred to as "His Exalted High Mightiness" in favor of "Mr. President".  He also didn't want to be president.  He did it anyway.  He didn't want to be elected to a second term. It happened and he served.  The right way.  You see, Americans were concerned that the office of president would become just like a king.  George stood up and lived it with no one to go before him to set an example of what it would look like.  He did a job he didn't want to do, with no template for what it should look like; so well, that his example shaped the office for over 200 years.
     Greetings Her Exalted High Friends and Family,  
     Thank you for your hard work and dedication, positive speech and excellent lives.  Thanks for issuing new templates in place of the broken, lost, or stolen.  Thank you for your patience and thoughtfulness, beauty and humility.


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  1. nice thoughts....very encouraging and insightful!


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