30 December 2009


...it's not just paper pregnant; it is paper labor, and there is no epidural available.
...there is no laundry fairy.
...when you stop taking the sleep med that is making you nearly psychotic, you don't sleep.
...there is no kitchen fairy.
...when you only get 3 hours sleep, sometimes you forget your job description. ("What is it that I do here?"  "You are the mother."  "Ah, I see...What is it that I do here?")
...the car does not gas up on its own when it is freezing outside.
...our camera eats batteries like Cookie Monster eats cookies(pretty wasteful).

lasted long enough to build ole tomato nose

..it is a hard labor when you have seen his face and heard his voice and the stuff that is between you and him is not God's stuff but man's.
T'ang Paradise

...inevitably the delay is for the mysterious purposes of a God who is busy doing the 1 Corinthians 2:9.
                           WHAT NO EYE HAS SEEN
                           AND NO EAR HAS HEARD
                           AND WHAT HAS NEVER COME
                                  INTO A MAN'S HEART
                            IS WHAT GOD HAS PREPARED
                                  FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM.  (CSV)

...it is a love that makes all other loves better.

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