23 January 2010


Our neighbors had a group, who checks your house for ghosts, come to their house because they were curious.  It turns out, their giant craftsman style house was once a convalescent home.  Apparently, it was standing room only for the "spirits".  I was thinking of having them come by.  My house seems to be haunted by a drunken well-digger who hasn't washed his hands and has to hold both walls to get up the stairs.  And his landlady who follows him quickly through the house with a cup of coffee, sloshing as she goes.  The only evidence I have of this is the ghostly imprint of hands and splatters of coffee going down both sides of the stairwell walls.

I think it is because of the cold weather.  My mom and grandma used to say,"It is colder than a well-digger's [admiration] outside."  Since we have been stuck at home a lot, I think I have begun to really see my house.  This wall thing is getting me down.  I have tried to remove these stains with the natural cleaners tha tare effective for most household cleaning.  They would not budge, but they are not natural.  They are Supernatural, remember?  The only thing that has been able to budge them was the Magic Eraser.  I think the neighbors would be jealous indeed to know that I have freed my spirit to move on to its reward with a little paranormal sponge(I mean really, does anybody know how those things work?  Do we care?) and some elbow grease.

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  1. can totally relate to those super natural hand prints, they are at my house too...I just don't turn on a bright lights...then I can't see them! When you can see the prints in the dark, it is time to paint.
    Simple huh?


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