23 January 2010


...face it I'm addicted to blog.

I'm not sure how I got here.  I think I am behind the times.  The adoption people are responsible for starting me out on the mild stuff.  A nice way to keep up with the journeys of those who are anywhere along the process with you...  Then they get home and share how the adjustment is going for everyone.  They are cute and imaginative, so you think,"Hmm, I wonder what the blogs they follow are like?"...
"I like this one a lot."
"That one doesn't speak to me."
"Cute, but a little pompous or trashy or something...  Maybe another."
"Whew! She's nasty.  "

And I was caught.  I spent a couple of whole afternoons when I should have been doing everything else, just looking at the "Blogs I Follow" for the blogs I follow. I found some that I am "Stalker Saturday" addicted to.  Like they need my comments.  I am loving the crafty ones and the cooking ones and a couple of the mommy ones and a couple of the I live in the country ones.  And of course the adoption ones.  I drink in the travels and itineraries and the joy and struggle.

I am having a great time and have gotten some REALLY good ideas.  It has reminded me, though; that as enjoyable as this is and as much as I admire some of their work.  This is best foot forward stuff.  I don't really know these gals.  They certainly inspire me and that is what friends are for, but what I really need is to invest myself--time and interest, sweat and money-- in the relationships with real people who are a part of my real world life.  Life is about building relationships, and some of these online friends will become actual relationships, but the feeling of continual searching when sitting at the computer is really only a virtual experience of a discontent heart.

Step One.  Hi, I am Maggie...and I can't quit using the internet to entertain myself when I don't want to wash dishes...

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  1. Maggie!
    Thanks for reading my blog & welcome to "blogland!" :)

    Making sure credit is given where credit is due, this is a post borrowed from it's author @Storing Up Treasures in Heaven, Courtney, http://www.storinguptreasures.com/
    So, on her behalf, THANK YOU!

    Bless you and your family for adopting, the world needs more families like yours! L~


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