24 November 2009


     Remember the "Nestea Plunge"?  Some hot, thirsty person drinks iced tea mixed from a powder and it is so refreshing that they fall into a pool.  I thought of that because someone asked me to see photos of Isaiah.  I don't have them up.  What if everyone follows along and things fall through because THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES?
     Oops.  There is that pride again.
     It is hot.  I am thirsty.  I am swilling my tea through clenched teeth and white-knuckling the ladder so I don't go in.  Everyone else is in the pool; enjoying a refreshing drink.
     Wow.  It is so like me to hold back the joy in anticipation of the disappointment that hasn't come yet.  It is "the way I am".
     I am so thirsty.  I have worked so hard.  This is the funnest most profound thing anyone can do.  It is the very definition of delight.  I have been so busy armoring my heart that I am missing out on the pleasure of anticipation.  So are Mickey and the girls and they have the added difficulty of dealing with a hot, tired, thirsty, sweaty person who stands there with a glass of tea and a pool and WON"T TAKE THE PLUNGE!!!!!!!!
     I will climb back out and complain about the heat.  Push me back in.  For right now, I am going in.

His name is An Xin Kang.  He is five and brilliant.  His English name is Isaiah.  He is mine.



  1. And that plunge has got to be so worth it...Isaiah is gorgeous and YOURS! Congratulations and I hope you stay swimming in the pool of anticipation and excitement!

  2. He is beautiful! Truth be told, if there is disappointment to come it will hurt no matter whether you took the plunge or not. So, enjoy loving this child. And I bet it all works out and he is in your arms sooner than soon.

  3. He is gorgeous!! Congrats and thanks so much for your comment on my blog!!! Hang in there!!!


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