19 November 2009


april   2009...hear that someone will be sent to China.
july 2 2009...climb on airplane that I am certain will plunge to earth.
july 4 2009...arrive in X'ian and meet Super Boy and Lovely Girl and their foster mum, Aunty Sandy.
july 4 -24 2009...learn to trust God over the screaming of my fears and failures.
july 27 2009...my anniversary and the day we arrived back home on planes that did not plunge to the earth.
aug 5 2009...contact Madison Adoption Associates about Super Boy.
aug 25 2009...home study worker rejects our family with no visit, no paperwork.
oct 12 2009...PA(pre-approval from China Center for Adoption Affairs).
oct 23 2009...2nd home study worker hears our deadline to DTC and wishes us farewell--she can't meet that.
oct 27 2009...meet with 3rd agency...even though they are really busy, they are flexible and meet that day.
nov 19 2009...police clearances come in.. family still silent

nov 20 2009...

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