09 March 2011

WW: Watch Your Back..


 and your foreground.

Oh, never mind, just put the camera down you are running down my batteries.

Oh, I think I have the solution.

cleaning up, or

no, that wouldn't be any fun at all.


...and we take our fun pretty seriously.

 I am proudly sharing these photos of the kitchen we renovated three years ago, that is just the right size for Paul Bunyan's wife; when we had no thought of adopting a small fry, who would just like to be able to reach some stuff, with Wordful Wednesday at:


  1. Love the pictures - how fun! And your kitchen looks wonderful!

    WW: Peanut-Nut

  2. Love the family pics…so cute :)

  3. Fun pics. Some of my favs are the day to day ones.

  4. LOL It's probably smart to have everything up like that!

  5. These are some cute pictures! I love the color of your kitchen!


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