08 March 2011

Long Past Due Update: Amazing

Yes, in practically no time at all, our 6 month post placement report is due.  The worker came Friday.  I had forgotten she was coming and I was so incredibly glad we were home.  She said she hadn't meant to make a surprise visit.  That's cool.  The house wasn't half bad except for the fact that we had a week's worth of laundry standing around waiting.  Mickey was home to fix the dryer and therefore joined us.  We would not have had him there otherwise.

Since I was updating, I realized I needed an update here, too.

He is hysterically funny and I have been collecting little tidbits but am currently drawing a blank. (Hey look, excellent excuse to post more often!!!)

The seemingly never-ending series of doctor visits has settled into a predictable routine.  A few weeks with none.  Then everyone wants to see him at the same time.  Surely, this will space out over time.
Generally:  He didn't get the "coldy-flu-y-virus" thing the girls and I got.  He has grown two inches and gained four pounds since his first visit to the Pediatrician in November.
Eyes: Strabismus, or Lazy Eye, was slowly robbing him of his distance vision and would have taken the eye.  Thankfully, a great pediatrician did a basic vision screen in his well check and we are in glasses and patching.  This is not a treat for him or for us. He does report that he can see the numbers but not the letters in his school work.  Hee.  Hee.  This is just one example of all the fun of being six that I forgot since my girls were that age.
Hepatitis B:  We had him re-tested based on the fact that the pediatrician could not locate his liver by feel.  Usually Hep patients livers are slightly larger.  Yep, he still has it.  The Pediatric Gastroenterologist told us that in 40% of children with congenital Hep B, it disappears.  He feels that our son will more than likely be one of these children.  We will be screened every six months.  This office staff are awful.  I thought it could just be me, but I have spoken to another adoptive mom, and she has had difficulty with them too.  They are the only game in town.
Cleft Lip and Palate:  Surgery is currently scheduled, but may have to be re-scheduled per our insurance and FSA.   Of course, photos will be forthcoming.  This team is friendly positive and enthusiastic.  We are glad to have them.  I have never been under general anesthesia, and my husband responds poorly to it.  I am terrified slightly nervous about this aspect.  I have never had a child in hospital before and am not sure how to ask about how to prepare what we will need.  The instructions from the doctors office are friendly and positive and...MINIMAL.
Academics:  He could do as much as I could provide.  He has whipped through a series of workbooks that are intended to be review.  I gave him a really short explanation of  multiplication, on the fly, hoping to come back and have a more detailed discussion later.  His face lit up like Christmas morning.  He required no further explanation.  He can read aloud at a higher level than his comprehension. His developmental report said his comprehension is terrible.  It really isn't.  It is at grade level, while his ability to decode is above grade level.  It makes it seem weak, but it is just out of balance.  He is just like all the rest of us.  He enjoys the easy stuff more than the stuff that makes him slow down and work.
Loves:  His Bed, Chicken (can make a leg bone SHINE), Winter Wipeout, video games, American milk, Sunday School, Pastor, Awana (a kid's program at our church), math, baseball, grape slushes.

Favorite song:


I guess that says it all.

Looking back over 6 months, I can't help but be amazed.


  1. All of this, especially the last part, just makes me smile really big.

  2. About time we heard from you! Glad to hear he is enjoying learning. Mine too. He too reads at a higher grade level than his comprehension. We are reading at 2nd grade level and writing at 1st grade. Closing in on 5th grade here, it will be an interesting summer

  3. Sounds great! What an amazing little guy!

  4. Simply awesome ! Blessings from the Allens ;)


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