05 November 2010

Tap Water:

This conversation took place the first week.  He was SO respectful throughout this precious conversation.

Thirsty Boy: (Looking around the table at every family member over the edge of his cup)  Is this tap water?

Someone: Yes.

Thirsty Boy: (Sniffing the cup.  Pulling a face.)  It smells yucky.

Someone: Maybe you are smelling the dishwashing detergent in the cup?

Thirsty Boy: I think it is the water.

Sister:  It's the cup. 

Thirsty Boy: In China, we don't drink tap water.  It will make us sick.

Someone: This tap water is safe to drink.  In America, we have a water treatment system that gives us drinkable water at the tap.  China is still working on getting a clean water system.  See, we are all drinking the water.

Thirsty Boy: You know, this isn't safe. (sips the water).

......Day before yesterday, he said, "I like tap water, now."


  1. Funny Story and sounds much like a story we had at our house.

  2. Now mine, looked at me funny when I told him not to use the tap water in China.

  3. Interesting to see from his perspective! Cute cute one!

  4. Well, he fits right in with you guys. The Lord gave you the right one! Imagine that! Chantele

  5. Isn't it amazing how adoption changes all of our lives. When you married your husband did you ever imagine you would be having such a conversation. We are all changed forever. Kim

  6. LOVE this!! What a great memory . . . so many more to come!


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