06 November 2010

Not aborted. Not abandoned. Not ashamed.

     While in China,  I saw a family at the playground with their special needs child.  Not the easy road.  I think.  In America physicians make available the option to terminate fetuses with this condition if it is noted prior to birth.  In China, this procedure is generally less commonly accepted.  Also, it is not clear whether pre-natal testing is widely available.
      What an encouragement to see this family.  In a nation where, to raise more than one child is met with economic and social sanctions, this older couple and their teenage daughter were enjoying and encouraging their young sister/daughter who will never graduate at the top of her class or take care of them in their old age.
     My niece will come home to her forever family early next year.  God's plan for her being that she bring joy to a family who will bring love and nurture to her.
     Lest we ever fall into the trap of thinking there is one rule for a whole nation, culture, or people group.  All the special needs children are not set aside under the pressure of the one child policy.

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  1. The US and our fellow citizens have much to learn from China as they do from us.

    Thanks for telling that just like Americans, all Chinese are not alike.


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