20 September 2010

Now...finally. Enough Pressure to Get Started.

Remember in school?  I guess I am the only one who did this.  I used to wait until the night before a project was due to write it.  Before computers.  I had a typewriter, but I hated using it because if I made too many mistakes and ran out of correction ribbon...  The second half of the paper would be filled with white-out or I would have to labor away with the little films...  Ugh.  So about 8:00 the night before, I would sit down with notebook paper and Bic and turn out in one draft whatever was to be presented the next day...  Not bragging.  It was foolishness.  Imagine what I might have become if I had done the work the way it was intended to be done.

But. As you well know. I digress.

I prefer the pressure, though.

My flight for China leaves at 6:05 a.m. Thursday morning.  Ya know, why?  6:05 in the morning?  I am a morning person and I know this is insanity.  This is why I needed to start getting ready now. Because I am going to get no sleep at all Wednesday Night worrying that I will get there too late and be refused admittance (this is the way my mind works. If you worry and it doesn't happen, obviously that is proof that worrying works).

Instead of starting at 8:00 Wednesday night, I got started about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. I guess I have mellowed in my old age.  I started cleaning house. 

I have to decide what to take and what to buy there or live without.  I am going to be there an extra week.  I could go later and stay a shorter time, but it would cost more...who would do that? There is a national holiday that closes all the government offices in China for about a week.  I have to go before the holiday to complete the process in the province before the offices close.  Then, we hang out.  5 or 6 extra days.  Then we will complete the adoption at the U.S. Consulate.  And come home. The day this great International Trade Show begins and causes the hotel rates to triple we will slip out early and be gone. 


Needs cleaning and filling with food.  Scheduling the divas for friends houses to keep them busy so they can not miss the time.

They are worried about all this.  A good friend has taken them under her wing and planned activities for them so they can do some preparations of their own and get in the spirit of the thing.  One is on board, the other is not sure.  Sometimes they trade sides and do the other thing for awhile.

I have to decide how much baggage to take. I get two bags of 50lbs. What to put in it.  My stuff.  His stuff.  Gifts for various important people.  What in the world are these gifts supposed to be like?

God willing, we will be able to get into a sort of routine. During the days.  Of waiting.  Photos of the hotels tell a little of the story; the street in front of the hotel in the second city is quiet and appears clean.  There is a 7-11 somewhere and a pool on the roof.  I will certainly take some fun things to entertain a 6 yo.

Hopefully, Mr S. and the divas will get into a routine too.  And have a really good time.  Hanging out.  Staying up too late.  But getting their schoolwork done...  I am going to miss them.  And even with the dreams of the last year coming true, I will be lonely without them.

So very many of our friends have come alongside and offered to help in any way they can.  Having the girls over while Mr. S. works or he can just call if he needs anything at all.  So lovely.

It reminds me of a story.

One that is yet to be told.

One that is quite old.

One where redemption came at a price and the Dad had to stay home and watch, and the angels were delighted to help in anyway they could.  People prayed.  Some of the children who already belonged to the family weren't sure the sacrifice was a good idea and they REALLY didn't care for letting the new kid(s) into the family.  At first.  But God worked in their hearts and redeemed them all. And they became a people who were once not a people....


  1. I will be keeping you and yours close to my heart with prayers! :)

  2. I did the same thing with my papers. I guess we are a lot alike because I would also be in the same place you are this week. But I'll say it anyway, try not to worry.

  3. Saying some extra prayers for ya!!

  4. In college, when the teacher would give out the syllabus on the first day, I would totally sit at home that first weekend and do EVERYTHING. Every single assignment on that first weekend. The rest of the school year was for going to parties and handing in the already done assignments. That was awesome. I miss college

  5. It looks like your moment is almost here! I'm excited for you and can't wait to read all about it. I'm off now to catch up and read a bit in your archives. G'day!

  6. Wow...what an incredible journey. I will be thinking about you! I can't wait to read all about it!

  7. Good luck on the trip! Glad you have enough pressure to get started:) Can't wait to read about it!


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