16 September 2010


Yes, I know I am supposed to be doing the 30,000,000 things I have to do before I leave for China a week from today to be gone for three weeks, but when I got Mama Kat's assignments this week...  I found a new and brilliant way to procrastinate.  I am really looking forward to being in a space between drama so I can blog for the heck of it.

      We had been living with my Aunt(my mom's stepsister) for a couple of months with mom trying to find a good job and place to live.  Mom's stepbrother and his family lived about a mile away.  Nah, not a mile.  I was a little bitty kid, it was a bit of a walk, but my legs were short.  Anyway.
     I was not much of a rule breaker, for reasons that will become clear.  So Mom had met this guy at some point, and we had visited the teeny weeny town where he lived and owned a business.  He was taking her on vacation.  To Hawaii.  I was to stay with my uncle and his wife for the duration of her absence.  The reason: my aunt had two teenage boys and Mother figured they would molest me while she was gone.  So I was to stay with Uncle Horace and Aunt Anastasia*.
     The first Saturday , their six year old went to a friend's house and was gone all day.  I mean, ate some cereal and left on foot. Horace and Anastasia fought all day long.  Not about anything.  Just fighting. Screaming, running back and forth through the house.  Slamming doors.  Silences.  I suppose some discussion may have taken place during these quiet times, but I was outside on the swing.
     I am 11.  I have been told I have to stay here.  I am afraid he is going to hurt her.  I have information I don't want to have.  Their deaf, two year-old son is in the house with them.  I want to go get him to take him somewhere so he doesn't have to watch.  I don't want them to know that I know. I can't go in to eat or pee.
      I have no idea how long I sat there.
      I eventually got up and went to my Aunt's house.  I stayed the remainder of the Hawaiian vacation.  I was not harmed by my cousins.

When I was 28, my uncle died of cancer in prison while serving a sentence for killing a man.

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  1. Please take photos of China and post on your blog. I never get to travel so I don't know what things like airports, airplanes, different cities, and different countries all look like. Good luck on your trip!

  2. wow... that was not how I expected the story to end!

  3. Wow, I don't know what to think of that. I hope there's more to the story you can share sometime!!

    Blessings on your trip to china!!!


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