27 August 2010

Wait? I Got Your Wait, Right Here.

     I am fit to be tied.  I am a basket full of hag.  I can't sleep. I'd like to say I can't eat, but, no.  That doesn't seem to be a problem.  I am barely able to put together a to do list; much less concentrate on the task.

We are SUPPOSED to have that Article 5 thingy.  Actual documentation has not been confirmed.  We are all humans here, if a ball has been dropped, just say so.  I drop them all the time.  My house is more like a ball pit than a field of play.  If this notification has been received, could someone please take 15 seconds out of your, "Yeah-I-Get-It-You-Have-More-Going-On-Than-Just-My-File" life and drop me an e-mail that says, "Sutliff A5 issued 8-19-10."  Or even, "It came through on 8-19 when we said it would.  Get off our backs, Hag."

Just.  Say.

If 8-19 was the day, then we are awaiting Travel Approval or TA.  It could come today.  Maybe not until October.  Did I already mention that?  Okay? Well. Chew on this.  The U.S. Consulate has opened up extra appointments in September to clear out the office so as many as possible can be seen before the busy and expensive travel season in China begins in October.  A cursory check of airline schedules revealed that some flights will triple in cost October 1.  Yes, I said triple.

We have an unusual situation, in that we already knew this little guy when we began the process, so his foster mom was keen to get us communicating every day as soon as possible.  Which was more than a year.  Now he knows it is us.  Seeing his face and hearing his voice and not being able to get on the airplane and go get him is not beneficial.  It is wearing on him; I can tell.  It is killing me.  (Imagine your son is in another country and you can't just go get him.  He is suffering for it, as he wants to be home, too.  But, no.)


Article 1 - I will not climb a clock tower with a high-powered automatic weapon, drive through the dining room at McDonald's or enter a bank and hold hostages in order to get the "overworked-agency-employee-who-cannot-hide-her-dislike-for-me" to call me back.
Article 2 - I will do ALL the things that need to be done before I leave. Finish his room, find gifts for all the people you buy gifts for, co-ordinate lesson plans for the Lucky Dog who gets to ride herd on the Divas. I am just gonna say, Etc, now.
Article 3 - I will be pleasant to strangers.  It is so easy to just ignore the person on the other side of the counter when you are distracted.
Article 4 - I will be sickeningly sweet to the Divas who are going through their own process.  It is hard to be 13 without all these extenuating circumstances.
Article 5 - I will not default to nitpicking on my husband (anymore).
Article 6 - I will stay edgy and fringe-y like this.  It is decorative and when I keep remembering I have no control, God has room to make things move.
Article 7 - I will TRY to celebrate how far we have come. (Because anyone who has ever been in a race knows you don't stop before the finish line to celebrate how far you've come.  Y'all know this.)
Article 8 - I will find some good fiction to get lost in.
Article 9 - I will call Chantele, because face it, she ain't gonna dial.
Article 10 -  I will keep my mouth closed.  I need to listen.
Article 11 - I will determine to have a good time when all the things are marked off my list.
Article 12 - I will get my hair cut.  So I don't frighten the boy.  Or. China.
Article 13 - I will pray.  How did this one get all the way down here?  Shouldn't it be number one?
Article 14 - I will set down this heavy perfectionism.  And take on the His easy yoke.
Article 15 - I will wait.


  1. I am so sorry for you delay. I sure you know this already, but thought I would put it out there in case you don't (there is things that I thought I know until someone told me otherwise). A friend of ours was never told their article 5 was picked up until she got the phone call stating they had their TA. The just thought they were delayed with the Article 5 (they were going on week 4). They didn't want to bother the adoption agency. So they were very surprise and scrambling because they didn't have much time.

  2. Oh, Maggie, this ordeal isnt for the faint hearted, it's all so emotional highs and lows. You will go and bring your sweet, darling young son home and soon. Remember how far you have come. The wait is hard on everyone. hugs, Deb

  3. Oh I hope it is soon! For your sake, not only for your family's sanity :^)

  4. While you are doing all that, I will PRAY! I pray that God opens the doors needed for you to bring your son home! I pray that God gives you peace beyond understanding! And, I pray that you KNOW that God understands how your heart of spilling out in all kinds of mother-love for the plan he put on your heart - He Knows - and I bet He's saying, "You go! Daughter! This little one needed someone to fight for him like this - just like I'm fighting for you now." Oh, now you made me get all weepy in my coffee! I'm praying for you you marvelous warrior mom!

  5. If you can do 13-15, you are all set.

  6. ...ummm...patience of a Saint...yeah, that'd be you...I'm just sayin'...


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