10 June 2010

Thursday Thank-Off

This post will refer to God, if you prefer not to partake, I understand and look forward to connecting again another day.

This is a thank-off.  I am thinking like a "Bake-Off" where everyone gets to participate who wants to, and not like a "flip-off"  where there are only the flipper and the flippee involved. The idea is that if you would like to participate, then please post a comment thanking someone for something great or if you have too much to be thankful in a comment...share your link in the comment(I tried to create a linky, but it was I was too tired to figure it out).

The reason I am thinking of this is, as I mentioned yesterday, I am reading this book.
Lord, Change My Attitude Before It's Too Late, Revised   -     
        By: James MacDonald
    Since I got "got" in Chapter 1, I am trying to find ways to think differently and still be funny. Because the first chapter is about getting rid of a complaining attitude, I am now wondering what will be left of me(imagine a tiny, white Madea) after I do that.  I have gotten so much of what I write about from whining and complaining, will I change to cute or will I have nothing to say? 

Anywho. I am choosing to be thankful. Because.

The cure for complaining is apparently...


  • Thank you, Beth, for the two cups of yummy coffee this week.  Every coffee tastes better with a friend or two on a peaceful porch looking at a view of the mountains.  Thank you for hearing my heart on some things.
  • Thank you, Summer Track Coach, for getting organized and showing up on Tuesday.  It is clear you are young and have a whole life since we met you two years ago.  We would love to help, but I am a librarian...I will need you to tell me what you need.
  • Thank you, Andrea, for Art Camp. The girls are LOVING IT.
  • Thank you, Sandy for sending pics of our boy making pottery on the same day his sisters did. 

  • Thank you, TV for moving WIPEOUT to Tuesday.  For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I cannot record it, so when it was on Wednesday, we missed every episode.  Thanks, too, for bringing back Last Comic Standing.
  • Thank you, Lori, for telling me like it is.  Ironically, just like your dad, so that sometimes I don't get it until I am a ways down the road.  And I say,"hey, wait a minute."  Mickey's best friend has this same humor, it is smoother and drier than mine, and like fine wine, totally wasted on a Cold Duck girl.
  • Thank you, Diana at the Adoption Agency, for calling me back yesterday and answering my questions and telling me the LOG IN DATE*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, we have one.  It is May 17, 2010. This was the first time I have spoken with anyone in awhile and the first time I had felt a real peace when I got off the phone.
  • Thank you, Dana, for communicating about your need to not have a garage sale this weekend, but to postpone.  I was not prepared and thinking of the prep was draining my life force(not a complaint, a statement of scientific fact).  You guys have been so generous to us, I am going to be rubbing your feet for a long time...
  • Thank you, Bereans, who have shown so much love and shared so much of yourselves.  The economy has kicked everyone in the chest, but y'all have shared so much.
  • Thank you, Deb S. and Tim S. for holding me up when I couldn't hold myself up.
  • Thank you, blog friends who see me.  Yes, the answer to the question is...some of the blog friends are real.  If you have a flat tire at 2:00 a.m. in my town you can call me. 
  • Thank you, IRL friends who read every post.  
  • Thank you, SIL, who is out there and instead of watching the adoption from the edge...jumped in.  Everybody say, "Hey, Ramonda!!!"
  • Thank you, Father. For hearing my prayer to reveal Your presence.  Just like You did with Elijah....not in the wind or the earthquake or the fire, but in the sound of a gentle whisper**.  Thank You for Your abundant provision (now, if You don't mind helping me find that twenty I lost in the laundry).
Now, I just have to stop.  I have kept thinking and thinking of more and more and more treasures to be thankful for... apparently, it's all true.

Thank you for reading and hearing my heart.

Maggie S.

*For those who are learning about adoption along with me, this means that we can count down to our LOA (letter of acceptance) from which point, it is neighborhood of 8 weeks to travel.  LOAs have been running around 6-8 weeks.  If you are a math major, you were instantly aware that means we are three weeks into that LOA wait, and if it runs consistently with the experience of those around me I could be on an airplane as early as Labor Day.
**I Kings 19


  1. I want to send a thank you out to God for challenging me in a new and unique way . . . I don't know if I am up for it, but, I am trying hard. :) Thanks for this post!

  2. I need to do a post on this, I need to keep track of the "thankfuls" so that I don't forget them.

  3. Well, I have to thank God for my wonderful family and for allowing my eyes to be opened and my heart to be forever moved and to finally understand WHY I feel EVERYTHING so intensly!!

    Great idea!!

  4. Well done!!
    A thankful attitude can go a LONG way :)

  5. This is such a great list of thank yous. I really love the idea and think I'm actually going to have my daughters do a list just like this (maybe once a month).

    PS Love the photo on your header.

  6. Thank you Maggie for drawing my eyes back to "Reece's Rainbow" and thank you Father for moving things along at a steady pace. Thank you for our Lily Mei!-----Ramonda

  7. There really is so much to be thankful for but too often we just get too busy and forget to think about it. Great idea to write it all down in a blog post!


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