11 June 2010

Can you hear me laughing?????

     On the way home from dropping the divas at Art Camp, I heard an advertisement on the radio.  There is a new attraction in a nearby destination town...OK all you have to do is G**gle it...The Titanic in PF, TN.  Well, this ad was all children telling what there is to do at Titanic. They listed off several things, like dipping your hand in 25 degree water and so forth, then one little voice yells,

"You can pretend you're the captain of the Titanic!"

Because after all, you can't start too early...



  1. Love the new look. The header is great.

  2. Me too! Very nice picture. And, is being the captain of the Titanic an aspiration I want my kids to have?

  3. Aspirations are good. :)


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