12 May 2010


...has learned to swim and ride a two wheeler and read; in English(his second spoken language), if you please.   He is not yet six.

His sisters...have always been similarly brilliant.

I can't even imagine how I was chosen for the privilege...

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  1. You have definitely been blessed!

    Thanks for stopping by my SITS day on Monday!

  2. They are beautiful children -- my Baby Girl will be competing against such beauty in the pBd contest. Drat! ;)

    I have an award for you!

  3. Beautiful kids. :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and making my SITS day so awesome!

  4. Wow. Impressive! Beautiful and brilliant children! You have your hands full... :)

  5. Oops, I am remiss in not making clear for those who are new here, that Isaiah is waiting in China.

  6. Stopping by from Sugar Tails ... congrats on the award!! ;)

    I see that you are waiting for LID - how exciting!! Today is two years since we received our referral call for our daughter adopted from China - she is such a blessing, as are her older brothers!!

    Blessings to you on your journey!!


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