18 February 2010


Umm, yeah...that wasn't decaf.  I was up all night.  Thank you Target Starbuck's kid.

Thanks be to God; good things happened this week.

--yesterday the girls and I had good fun getting our face on(yeah, that took three people).
--I hung out with some gals while the kids were at Wed. Nite Church.(see above).  It was a fun time.
--an author that I just found and love is not only from Oklahoma, but went to Oklahoma State University.
--we found out this week that we are getting a better income tax refund than we were expecting, so...
--we can mail our I-800A which has been waiting a spell.
--we can mail our Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries Grant letter.
--friends offered to plan a fundraiser for us, Karaoke(apparently, Mr. C's rendition of Shameless will bring down the house and hopefully the coin) and food(yet to be determined-chili? spaghetti? pancakes?) and swing dancing.
--today will include a nap.
Maybe right away.

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