23 October 2009


Dear Super Boy,
     I love you.  I am waiting and fighting to bring you home.  It may be that only Daddy travels because of money.  I really need to come back to China.  I need to see the orphanage.  Even if we can't go in, I want to see what the building looks like.  I want to go for a ride around the city wall.  I need to smell the crazy China smell again and look at the neighborhood because it might be some time before we can go back.  I really want your sisters to see your China home, too.  I need to be there to pick you up.
     We have had another setback.  It is hateful what a crazed enemy does to hurt God's people and their families.  It is just another confirmation to me that God has in fact moved heaven and earth to put us together(I mean, really).  Compared to that, it is a small problem.
    Super Boy, you are a lot like your dad.  He isn't a morning person and feels mad when he loses at games, too.  He likes to make pictures, too.  He is waiting to tell you about baseball and the New York Yankees.
     I am waiting to carry you around some before you are way too big...  I think you will be surprised we don't walk places in America so much.  I will miss riding in a taxi with you hanging out the window.  I am looking forward to taking you to KFC.
     Your sisters are shopping for your Sunday School suit.  I keep telling them you are your own man and may not want to wear a suit.  Look out, they may be kind of bossy.
     I am sorry this is taking so long.  Jesus knows about all of this and he is going to take care of all of our hearts.
your Mommy

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