31 August 2012

Sorry, My Mistake

The truth is: there was a specific little guy.  We'd gotten the featured child email from the agency we worked with last time.  He was beautiful.  So he may not walk...  It was absolutely not a heart barrier. 

We entered into a conversation with the agency.

Slammed into the money wall, and went silent.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, I stumbled across the email and felt I should let her know why we dropped off the radar.

She responded promptly to let me know...

He isn't ON HOLD.

My numbers were wrong.  We have the income and margin.

Let the waiting on God begin.

It may be nothing, but be sure, that if a thing is to happen, He will be doing it.  Not me.

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  1. Ah the waiting. That is probably why this is our last adoption ( I think)


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