29 July 2010

Have You Ever...

Have you ever tried to be friends with someone and they blew you off like they didn't realize you were trying to be friends?

Have you ever tried to convince yourself it was really just that they had decent boundaries and you are acting like a 7th grader?

Have you ever secretly entertained the wish that the situation would be reversed and she would try to be your friend, so you could do the same back to her?

Have you ever thought it would be better to have a thousand real friends than even one like her?

Have you ever had this great time with the Lord in the morning and turned right around and jacked up the whole day?

Have you ever been afraid that things weren't going to come together for you?

Have you ever felt like it all depends on you and if that is the case, we are all, well...   Screwed?

 Have you ever gone shopping for a bra in a color that is also a color that petunias come in and found out that they don't make them in your size?

Have you ever been waiting for an important letter that was supposed to take a particular amount of time and it was late and you couldn't do anything about it because the person in charge of your file is probably on vacation?

Me, neither.


  1. That's never happened to me. I don't know what you're talking about.

    Seriously, I hope your day gets better.

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about, that kind of stuff never happens to me...ever.

    *looking out for a lightening strike*


  3. LOL @ Rebecca's comment!

    Hope your day gets better!

  4. Yes, to all of the above(in some way shape or form). LOL

    The whole morning time thing is so me! Latley I'm not having morning time, and it's no woder my day is 'jacked up'!

  5. Maggie, it sounds like you have had some hurt with a friend lately. I am so sorry for this but if it makes you feel better, yes, I have felt a lot of what you are saying...Loved the part about the petunia-colored bras...I need some as well...

    I just read your comment on my blog and wanted to encourage you on this day - you are a beloved woman of God and are so loved. Remember, you follow HIM.

    I hope your weekend is great - thank you for reading and commenting!

  6. Oh Maggie!! I am so sorry you have had a "day!" Yes, I have felt many of the things you are talking about!! My bra thing is that they WOULD have the petunia colored bra in my size because I am the size of a training bra and all the petunia colored bras are for preteens!!! Sigh!! Hope you have a better day!!!

  7. I have finally learned that those people you reach out to and who do not reach back - well, they are just not the people God has for your friends. He has great friends for us - they are not always the ones reaching out to us. And it always stinks when people you think would be great friends don't agree! If you lived close by, I'd invite you over for coffee! But I consider you a friend in the blogahood! One I value!


  8. Oh - and I just want you to know that I'd still be your friend even though your feet are trimmer and prettier than mine (header) LOL! I won't hold that against you:)

  9. Great post! I think you are better off with 1,000 real friends. Sometimes that one person is all that you can think of though. I know how that is.

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. You are now on mine! Have a great day!

  10. Those are NOT my feet, they are one of my girls!!!

  11. Well, the bra thing happens to me all the time...can I still be part of the group?

  12. By all means, welcome, Sandra. You're among friends here.


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