18 June 2010


We are doing the garage sale to raise money for the adoption again...  The unusual suspects were there.

The girls made the competitive track team.  When all the kids in school were signing up for activities, I signed up for library aide. So we are all learning something new.

It is hot like Africa.

We are 31 days past LID today,  I saw a 61 day LID.  We need to raise more funds, so I am thinking that would be good.

If they don't stop nagging me to watch the second Night at the Museum movie, I am just going to go completely insane.


  1. We are living in the heat right now too. Not. Fun!

  2. Good luck on your sale! It's hot here too. No rain in a looooong time. I haven't seen the second movie, but it looks pretty funny. :-) have a good weekend.


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