25 June 2010

Family Resemblance

We hear that our son:

doesn't dig morning,

hates to lose any competition,

doesn't express sadness where folks can see,

and doesn't really care for fruit...

Just like his dad.

I wonder if he has an, "I'm clever" face that he makes when he cracks a joke he thinks is funny and doesn't really mind if anyone else does or not.

Hmm, I guess he does.

Can you see the resemblance?

(Mr S. and Mr. MIXS.  both aged 6)

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Because I said so.


  1. Oh, I see mischievous joy!I both! I always find it so funny and sometimes curious the traits my sons have that are mine or my husbands. You could start a meme with this type of post!(Did I use meme right?) I so enjoyed it!

  2. What's on that piece of toast? Looks like a fat black worm.

  3. That's pretty neat. Any news these days? Like to keep up with how things are going for you?!

  4. It's vegemite. His foster mom is Australian, so she has introduced him to some of her favorites. He loves it and has a jar saved to bring with him when he comes home.

  5. I was thinking that it looked like a Nutella jar...mmmmmm, Nutella.

  6. that is so sweet...already like Dad.

    Nutella = my favorite (esp on strawberries!)

  7. nice. also. my girls make a face like that sometimes. except. it's gas when they do it.

  8. Love it - so sweet! I have two friends who have adopted domestically and you know what? Their little girls look JUST like their adoptive mama's...Go figure!

    What a precious one he is. What a gift he will have in you as his mama. So glad to have found your blog.

    Thank you for your sweet words on mine!

  9. Thanks for stopping by today, I am glad you did. I really like your blog and your passion for your children.

    Nice to meet you. :-)


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