10 May 2010

Late Breaking News:

DHL says about the package containing my dossier...

5/11/2010      3:26 am Depart Facility   Beijing And Surrounding Area, China, People's Republic

Yes, for those of you who could not hear the screaming or who heard something and went to hide under the bed...it is almost to China Center for Adoption Affairs.  They will have it for a week or so before we are informed of a log in date (LID).  Then roughly 45 to 60 days until a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

Also, for those who have been following IRL and MAAWC, Mr. S and I have confirmed an 'M' name.  And it is not after a Tom Cruise(whom I still cannot stand after all these years...Maverick, REALLY?)character.

If you are experienced in adoption, you will understand that we have officially entered the YES-I-WILL-DO-ANYTHING-(ALMOST)-FOR-MONEY stage of the adoption process.  Even rub feet...

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