14 April 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Happiness is...

I feel that I am always complaining about the view out my little window on the world.  Which is wrong because really...this is what I see.

And this...

And this (Yes, that is her on the right).
Both dog and DIR* are bigger now.

See this kind of happiness can only be had when you leave a man in the car with a camera while you go in the party goods store.

I Hate Easter Pictures.

Shotzi loves Thanksgiving to help out in the kitchen.

We really have a lot to smile about.

*Diva In Residence


  1. Yes! You have tons to smile about! Great shots!

  2. YES YOU DO!! your children are precious. I luv that Easter Pic you's are too cute.

    LOL on pic w/ Daddy although UM WHat's your dd should doing with her hands? Love Daddy's smile though LOL

  3. She doesn't know. Posing. Then she said, being a diva.

  4. Definitely have alot to smile about. Lovely view huh :)

  5. You defintely DO have a lot to smile about!!! You have a beautiful family!!

  6. Nice photos, thanks for sharing! Your girls are adorable!


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