05 February 2010


                             I have not made a big enough deal about what has gotten done.

                                                        ...besides looking out the window.

                                                            I have taken "Before" pics.

                                                       We have gone to the Nature Center...

                                                     The weather was great that day.
She was watching a light bulb float by on the river, and she was

getting sick.

You know what cures everything?????

That's right.

                                Building a bigger snowman than was possible following the last snow.

         We saw the Harlem Globetrotters on January 15.  It was fun to pass along a generational entertainment(or however you say that).
             Yeah it is an old shot, but it is the one I can find. I am new at this.
      (Geese Ausbie grew up in the small Oklahoma town where my father and grandfather grew up.  Sadly, it was in a time in history when culture denied them privilege of a friendship with each other.)
        We said good-bye to a good friend and a great man on January 18.  Bye, Chuck, enjoy!  See you there!


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