03 February 2010


I went a little crazy on  my yahoo group today about the cost of adoption. I thought I might need to have it to look back on later.  I am afraid I took too forceful of a tone, but it all rang true for me.  I will need to know what is really inside me later when I am sad that a pound of hundred dollar bills hasn't fallen from the sky.


...I do not see this as more or less expensive than the various alternatives, because there is no alternative.  It seems that I will feel more competent to pursue subsequent adoptions here regardless of the cost because of the established relationship.  Prior to finding my son, I would NEVER EVER have called any international adoption agency at all and if by some aneurysm I did, it would never have been for China.  Yet, here we are and I don't care what it costs and I memorize airline routes and departure schedules.

Sure it would be cool if it was a little less expensive, and there are ways to trim the budget.  The cost of a thing is what it is.  If you go to college, you pay what you must for the degree you want from the best institution you can find in your preferred major.  If you start a business, you maximize the potential grants and small business loans available to you to lay a firm foundation.  If you want to explore the Antarctic, you assemble investors who share your passion.  Of all the things a family might make a sacrifice for, this is higher.  My husband gets discouraged easily when we watch other families' adoption blogs; it is obvious that, even with the economy tanking, several are not struggling financially.  That is inside him and not really about adoption but his own personal concerns.  I don't mean to offend anyone's choice not to believe, but the Bible is replete with teaching that adoption is God's idea.  If I had more money, I could arrive in China quicker and oftener, but I have less money, so I get to learn to depend on Him more.  I guess that is the gravy on my daily bread.

I don't like gravy everyday, either.


  1. I don't think you went overboard..you were honest.
    We too "can't afford" this adoption either, but I could not sleep w/ myself if I decided this child won't live w/ us because the agency he is listed with is rumored to be more expensive (not Madison) I refuse to check other agencies price list at this point.
    We are trusting God to clear the way in front of us.

  2. I googled this for you....I knew there was a different in size but did not know about the broth vs sauce. Learn something new everyday...thanks for stopping by.

    Weid about your post today...I am adopted...and I work in foster care...so many in our country go unwanted due to not many foster parents...one option to consider and cheaper also.

    Tortelloni is pasta in the same shape, but larger, typically 5 g, vs. 2 g for tortellini. [1] Although either can be filled with a wide variety of foods, meat-based filling is less common in tortelloni. Tortellini may be served with sauce or in a broth; tortelloni are rarely served in a broth.


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