30 January 2010


I feel like it is for the benefit of the archival nature of what I am doing here that I be perfectly candid about why I seemingly took a break from the brain battering job of putting together all our paperwork.

I really did expect that the Lord was going to do this on a timeline that was roughly established in my mind.

Oops.  I know. Right?

When I realized that was not going to happen, but that didn't mean our adoption wouldn't happen, I relaxed.

Mickey took over the fundraising applications.  One was all I could handle.  I had thought I would open them all and answer corresponding questions at the same time and work my way through...HA HA.  No.

And I took a break.  A mental health holiday.  I shouldn't call it that because, it implies, well,... mental health.

It was nice and we are back to work.

Have a great day.  Enjoy your break, because one day God is going to call you to something completely out of your range.

I said full disclosure...

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  1. You are so much better at reading my blog :-) these days they are a treat for me. I so can relate to the putting off stuff. We still have not done the re-adopt of Winston or Taylor - Taylor's i can get away with since we have her Citizenship but i was hoping on going back this summer with them and now i fight the whole process since i have to do a HS, Readopt, Passports..... ugh and $$$
    so can empathize :-)
    Take heart this is so normal and God helps us handle these things


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