10 December 2009


whether you are having fun or not...  That is all I am going to say.

      It was about 100 degrees the day this picture was taken(at about 9:00a.m.) and I felt like we had taken the stairs to the moon.  It is totally worth it, but the climb is plumb ridiculous.  I was like Po in Kung Fu Panda.  I ran out of water on the 11th step and the sun started making that humming sound.  It was about another mile straight up.
      Chasing paper is a lot like the steps up to the Great Wall of China.  I am going to need to pace myself.  And when I get there it will be so worth it that I will forget from time to time what a magnificent drag it was up the stairs to the moon.

I never say all I am going to say.  Just to let you know.  There is always more.  Sorry.

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